Hi, I’m Chelsea. I’m a Self-Love and Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Poet, and Public Servant based in NYC, inspiring women to become their most authentic selves + live their soul purpose!

Are you ready to live a more authentic and purposeful life?



“I loved having Chelsea as my coach, she is very supportive and patient. She makes you want to get the tasks done. She is worth working with while she helps you along the way. Her feedback is useful to use in life.” -Lakisha

“Amazing program! Makes you feel very comfortable and in control of your own self care journey and letting you know that creating your own self care for your overall wellness is possible and necessary.” -Amy

“I loved my experience with Chelsea. The relaxed but professional and intentional tone of all of our meetings really contributed to the chemistry and results of what I experienced during this program. The questions Chelsea asked were guided and simple, which really forced me to be in the present moment, and have an authentic conversation with myself. I didn’t know this program would impact me the way that it did.” -Kamey

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