Be your own Consultant: Trust Yourself

Everyone says that trust is built over time. Have you ever thought about living a life of immediate trust? One where you allow your inner soul to give you that “go”.

I’m not saying to trust just any person who randomly gives you a drink at the bar but the trust I speak of is the ability to trust yourself. Do we need to build trust over time to trust ourselves? I mean that’s a funny question but it’s true when it comes to trust. Naturally we question every motive we have but ultimately we forget to trust ourselves.

When an idea, concept or opportunity presents itself in our lives, what is the first thing you do? Do you tend to ask your partner, friend, or a relative their opinion on what ever it is? Well seems like a lack of trusting yourself is the common theme. I am not saying that you should not speak of these things with people who are important to you but have you tried to Consulting with yourself first?

Be you’re own consultant, you know what is best, you can feel it. Trust that feeling. Whether you are on the fence about a job or career, a relationship you are questioning, a friendship you want to improve or disapprove of, or that move you wish to make.

When you choose to become your very own consultant you will be able to eliminate so much from your life that is contributing to your unhappiness. Consulting with yourself first builds confidence and eliminates doubts because you are paying attention to your very own soul.

Trust yourself because at the end of the day, this is your life, you can chose to be your own consultant or live a life easily swayed by others.

-Capturing Chelsea

Published by Chelsea De Jesus

Chelsea believes that we are all souls, directed by the universe to fulfill our soul's purpose. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in public administration, concentrating on human resources/non-profit management in Brooklyn, NY. Her journey with SoulyHer started in 2016, when she realized the key to finding your soul purpose was self-love, self-care, and wellness. Since then she has been an advocate in inspiring all women to love themselves whole-heartily. She is also interested in women's studies, women in government, and would consider herself a feminist. Her work with women, comes from her own personal story of being raised by a strong independent single mother. She is also studying to be a personal trainer and hopes to help more people, women especially understand the value of wellness- mentally and physically.

7 thoughts on “Be your own Consultant: Trust Yourself

  1. I agree, trust in yourself is the most important part. No trust in yourself means no trust in the people you love! Well written!

  2. I agree, trust in yourself first but trust in people that truly love you as well.. A circle of good friends and family is very important.. We can’t always do it alone!! Beautiful post!! Keep them coming.. 💕

  3. Love this! We tend to always forget to trust ourselves or we simply do not realize that we don’t listen to ourselves first. Often times we need affirmation in the decisions we make. You hit the nail on the head! Great post, sis!

    1. Absolutely, think about times where we should have trusted ourselves and when all was said and done, that is the very thing we should have done. All a learning process though! Thank you for reading 🙂

  4. This is so true, trusting and believing in yourself is so important. Finding that inner strength is hard but when you do, it’s so fulfilling.

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