Fall in Love with YOU

Well it is officially the fall season, especially for us in the northern states. The leaves are changing colors, the clouds are shadowing the sunshine, and the weather is slowly in transition. Oh, and of course pumpkin spice lattes have made their appearance. As the season changes, I think about the leaves falling from the trees. One by one they change colors then slowly make their landing on the ground leaving the trees bare ready to regrow and this time more beautifully than last season.

Let’s say we are like the trees and the leaves, ready for a new season of growth. The leaves represent our negative attitudes, thoughts and traits we have been holding on to. The tree is you, ready to let go of those old leaves and focus on building new leaves for the next season. Imagine yourself letting go of those insecurities, old ways and attributes that no longer define you. That is called growth and the first step towards growth is loving yourself first.

Self-love is essentially the way we view our souls. The way we view ourselves trickles down to how we show love and compassion to others. Are you falling in love with yourself daily? This should be the most important focus in your life because falling in love with you is being able to face the good and the bad about who you are.

We all have ugly traits but we also have beautiful ones that don’t get to shine because of the ugly ones that hide them. Being able to reflect and taking the time to learn those “ugly” traits is all in great benefit as you learn to love yourself. In the process of loving yourself you absolutely need to learn what those ugly traits are. That is an important part during your self-love journey. Ugly traits such as envy, negative attitudes, and self-destruction overshadow the true beautiful person you really are. Be honest with yourself and be willing to work on those things daily.

Loving who you are, and the soul you are is so beautiful but it is absolutely a process. Learning the ugly traits will be difficult because we never want to face them. When we face them we can feel shame and guilt but please understand we are all “imperfect” human souls and you are not the only one who feels ashamed of those traits. Here are three small ways to start your growth and self-love journey.

Questions– When you want to learn more about a person, what do you do? ASK questions. Yes, talk to yourself and ask the very most intimate questions. What are your insecurities? How do you want to impact the world? What is your biggest fear? Who do you admire? What do you love the most about yourself? Take the time to write down questions you want answers to and answer them honestly.

Time Take the time to evaluate who you are, this means spending time with yourself. Think about the things that rejuvenate your soul, whether that is painting, listening to music, sitting in silence or watching a movie. Treat yourself to the things you enjoy, it is okay to take yourself out to eat, take yourself shopping, or take a trip for yourself, do not be afraid to do it alone. One of the biggest fears we have as human beings is the fear of being alone…it’s because we haven’t taken the time to LOVE ourselves when we are alone. Treat yourself because you deserve it!

Patience– Okay so this is going to be the challenge because you are not going to learn to love yourself overnight, there is no way this will happen. Just like when you are getting to know a friend or significant other it will take patience, a lot of it because you will learn things that you absolutely hate about yourself but things that you will love as well. This will take time to realize what the issue is and being able to move forward and put those traits behind you. Take each day one breath at a time.

Enjoy this journey because it is once in a lifetime event. Be brave and get ready to capture your soul.

Please comment below and share your thoughts, and ways you are learning to love yourself. Tell me about your journey and challenges you face. We are all on our individual journeys and the best part is there is not a right or wrong way to do it.

Published by Chelsea De Jesus

Chelsea believes that we are all souls, directed by the universe to fulfill our soul's purpose. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in public administration, concentrating on human resources/non-profit management in Brooklyn, NY. Her journey with SoulyHer started in 2016, when she realized the key to finding your soul purpose was self-love, self-care, and wellness. Since then she has been an advocate in inspiring all women to love themselves whole-heartily. She is also interested in women's studies, women in government, and would consider herself a feminist. Her work with women, comes from her own personal story of being raised by a strong independent single mother. She is also studying to be a personal trainer and hopes to help more people, women especially understand the value of wellness- mentally and physically.

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