Connect through Sisterhood: A few words from Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson, a speaker, spiritual teacher, author, and also a 2020 presidential candidate came to New York University to speak about Women in the Work Place.

This is such an important topic right now because women are rising to the top of the ladder in almost every industry. Her talk was directed at inspiring women as they push through in their careers and sharing her words of wisdom.

I was introduced to her through a close a friend, and started reading her book called “The Divine Law of Compensation”. Her compassionate but honest words really force you to think beyond “yourself”. I got the chance to speak with her personally before the event started and she was so humble, kind, and such a REAL person.

Although, I felt like every word she spoke was so important, here are three statements that spoke to me during her talk.

  1. “Without sisterhood none of us are getting it, unless we do it together.”
  2. “Connect to your past, you have a moral responsibility.”
  3. “Women aren’t porcelain dolls- we have been convinced of our weakness.”


When she spoke about sisterhood, I felt it to my core because I started to think about all the amazing women that surround me. I have a multitude of friendships, and I cherish them because I would not be who I am without their support and love. We cannot do this thing called life alone, and that is okay. Remember to find sisterhood in women, and leave that “envy, jealous, spiteful attitude” out the window.

Connect to your Past

As Marianne believes, and so do I, we are connected to our past whether we acknowledge it or not. We have a responsibility to break the generational cycles that have circulated from our mother’s, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and great-great grandmothers. When you are stepping into your power think of those women who fought and advocated for us. We will not accomplish everything but we will leave a completed piece to pass on to our daughters in the future.

We are not Porcelain Dolls!

The last statement that, she left us with, is how we are so convinced that we are “weak and fragile”. We are stronger than what the world tells us and we deserve to embrace every aspect of that. We can dwell on our stories, or we can use them to empower us. You are not a porcelain doll, you are fierce and cannot be broken.

Remember as you move through your career, you are NOT alone and that it will take sisterhood, a connection to your past, and your strength to help you elevate in society and the workforce.

Thank you, Marianne Williamson for some great words of wisdom.

Published by Chelsea De Jesus

Chelsea believes that we are all souls, directed by the universe to fulfill our soul's purpose. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in public administration, concentrating on human resources/non-profit management in Brooklyn, NY. Her journey with SoulyHer started in 2016, when she realized the key to finding your soul purpose was self-love, self-care, and wellness. Since then she has been an advocate in inspiring all women to love themselves whole-heartily. She is also interested in women's studies, women in government, and would consider herself a feminist. Her work with women, comes from her own personal story of being raised by a strong independent single mother. She is also studying to be a personal trainer and hopes to help more people, women especially understand the value of wellness- mentally and physically.

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