Why Women Struggle to Love Themselves

Women have been fighting all their lives to be considered an equal in our society and let me tell you, history does not lie. We had to fight for the right to vote, the right to make decisions regarding our bodies, the right to be considered an equal (Equal Rights Amendment), and the list goes on. The sad part is we are STILL fighting today. By receiving less pay than men, by being teared down when we openly talk about sexual assault, by being low-numbered in government positions, and not enough women getting elected to contribute to political decisions.

So, yes! Women struggle to love themselves.

It’s 2018 but we are marching, shouting, protesting, and vocalizing the issues that have been affecting our lives. We currently only have 20% of women representing the United States Congress, therefore we have 80% of members who are men; making decisions and debating about issues that require the voice of a woman. Not because we are better than men but because we have equal rights, as all people should.

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Setting your 2020 Goals in 5 easy steps

Happy New Year + Welcome to a NEW decade!

Think about the last 10 years of your life, take 30 seconds and reflect on all your accomplishments, failures, successes, new friendships, lost friendships, and ALL the growth you’ve experienced. Planning, setting, and implementing your goals is essential to living an intentional life. During your “past decade reflection” were there any goals that you wished you accomplished?

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ICLAIMIT! Women Empowerment Pop-Up #iclaimit

Women Empowerment is definitely getting a lot of attention these days but what does it really mean? What does it look like? This movement is not to exclude genders but it is to bring awareness that women supporting each other is more powerful than competing against each other.

Some ways to encourage this movement is through events, community efforts, and supporting each other. Last month, I had the opportunity to support a friend at her women empowerment pop-up event presented by her brand and organization called I Claim It.

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My Miss Rizos Salon NYC Experience: A place to LOVE and EMBRACE your natural CURLS!

Me with the owner of Miss Rizos Salon, Carolina Contreras

Do you love your curls? Are you ready to LOVE your curls? Are you thinking about the “big chop”? Looking for a community that shares your similar curly hair story? I have a place for you! Miss Rizos Salon in NYC, one of the newest curly hair salons in the city! This place is magical…. Here’s why:

I was selected to be one of their first clients to have a Miss Rizos Salon experience! Yes, I say experience because it wasn’t just a regular salon, it felt like a home. It felt like history was being made right in front of me. This salon was established by Carolina Contreras with it’s first location opened in the Dominican Republic in 2014. One of her goals is to “have a space dedicated specifically to curly hair care without the application of chemicals or heat.”

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