Domestic Violence: Let’s talk about it! #nationaldomesticviolenceawareness

Here’s my story…share yours too!

I was in an unhealthy relationship, but the world never told me that it was domestic violence? That’s ONLY when people get physically violent and hurt you BUT Domestic Violence can also show up in other ways too. It’s that one relationship where you scream, you yell, you cry, feel intense emotions, you are angry, terrible words get exchanged, you throw things, and then it stops. Once the emotions calm down, no one is angry anymore, it feels REAL again.

The “love” is strong, the make-up sex is amazing, you exchange gifts, go on a special outing, or maybe even a vacation and it is ALL just great now… until it starts again, then again, and again, and again, and it all starts to feel so normal. This same pattern just repeats itself and you start to feel alone because no one understands…. they think you just “fight” a lot with your partner.

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How recovery affects women specifically? #NationalRecoveryMonth

In honor of National Recovery Month, SoulyHer has teamed up with a brave woman who wanted a platform to share her recovery story. This woman wanted to share her story to let people know that recovery is possible. SoulyHer welcomes and honors your vulnerability.

How recovery affects women specifically?

It is important to speak about the topic of recovery for everyone because there is still a stigma that diminishes the importance of this conversation. For women, it becomes even more difficult to speak about or seek the necessary help. Why is this? Most women have more hesitance to admit their substance abuse problem because they fear of legal action against their children.

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Connect through Sisterhood: A few words from Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson, a speaker, spiritual teacher, author, and also a 2020 presidential candidate came to New York University to speak about Women in the Work Place.

This is such an important topic right now because women are rising to the top of the ladder in almost every industry. Her talk was directed at inspiring women as they push through in their careers and sharing her words of wisdom.

I was introduced to her through a close a friend, and started reading her book called “The Divine Law of Compensation”. Her compassionate but honest words really force you to think beyond “yourself”. I got the chance to speak with her personally before the event started and she was so humble, kind, and such a REAL person.

Although, I felt like every word she spoke was so important, here are three statements that spoke to me during her talk.

  1. “Without sisterhood none of us are getting it, unless we do it together.”
  2. “Connect to your past, you have a moral responsibility.”
  3. “Women aren’t porcelain dolls- we have been convinced of our weakness.”
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