Say “NO” and Own it!

When I was in my early 20’s I got my first service job at a restaurant. I started off as a hostess and quickly moved up to be a server within two months. I took my job seriously and it showed BUT there was one problem- I was a “Yes” woman.

After being at the job for 6 months, it was time for my employee review. I was nervous but excited because I’ve never received one before and I was expecting it to go super well, seeming that I was basically promoted from hostess to server within two months. I was in for a sweet treat that day because the first thing my boss told me was ” you need to learn how to say no.”

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Why Women Struggle to Love Themselves

Women have been fighting all their lives to be considered an equal in our society and let me tell you, history does not lie. We had to fight for the right to vote, the right to make decisions regarding our bodies, the right to be considered an equal (Equal Rights Amendment), and the list goes on. The sad part is we are STILL fighting today. By receiving less pay than men, by being teared down when we openly talk about sexual assault, by being low-numbered in government positions, and not enough women getting elected to contribute to political decisions.

So, yes! Women struggle to love themselves.

It’s 2018 but we are marching, shouting, protesting, and vocalizing the issues that have been affecting our lives. We currently only have 20% of women representing the United States Congress, therefore we have 80% of members who are men; making decisions and debating about issues that require the voice of a woman. Not because we are better than men but because we have equal rights, as all people should.

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Energy for your SOUL

Heartbreak. Betrayal. Depression. Failure. Negativity. Low-Self Esteem. Loneliness. These are the very things that have been clouding my soul for over a year, a lot of energy and time exhausted. I write this blog in hopes to share something more personal with you all although it is not very comfortable because I am very reserved with my personal life, I know someone out there needs to hear it because who ever you are, you are not alone. In a world where social media tends to mask the hurt and daily struggles we have as human souls, I am using this blog to share the truth but also to open minds to alternatives to strive and become in tune with our souls.

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