Fall in Love with YOU

Well it is officially the fall season, especially for us in the northern states. The leaves are changing colors, the clouds are shadowing the sunshine, and the weather is slowly in transition. Oh, and of course pumpkin spice lattes have made their appearance. As the season changes, I think about the leaves falling from the trees. One by one they change colors then slowly make their landing on the ground leaving the trees bare ready to regrow and this time more beautifully than last season.

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Be your own Consultant: Trust Yourself

Everyone says that trust is built over time. Have you ever thought about living a life of immediate trust? One where you allow your inner soul to give you that “go”.

I’m not saying to trust just any person who randomly gives you a drink at the bar but the trust I speak of is the ability to trust yourself. Do we need to build trust over time to trust ourselves? I mean that’s a funny question but it’s true when it comes to trust. Naturally we question every motive we have but ultimately we forget to trust ourselves.

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The Malfunctioning Soul

Malfunctioning: failure to function properly

We are not only human beings, we are a soul within a body. Our soul is the inner voice that speaks to us during times of doubt. Our soul is what carries our daily internal thoughts. Our soul captures our emotions and feelings. Our soul is responsible for how your body functions, physically and mentally. The job of your soul is to guide you within your body,  but just like your body, your soul can grow tired and began to malfunction.

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