ICLAIMIT! Women Empowerment Pop-Up #iclaimit

Women Empowerment is definitely getting a lot of attention these days but what does it really mean? What does it look like? This movement is not to exclude genders but it is to bring awareness that women supporting each other is more powerful than competing against each other. Some ways to encourage this movement isContinue reading “ICLAIMIT! Women Empowerment Pop-Up #iclaimit”

Domestic Violence: Let’s talk about it! #nationaldomesticviolenceawareness

Here’s my story…share yours too! I was in an unhealthy relationship, but the world never told me that it was domestic violence? That’s ONLY when people get physically violent and hurt you BUT Domestic Violence can also show up in other ways too. It’s that one relationship where you scream, you yell, you cry, feelContinue reading “Domestic Violence: Let’s talk about it! #nationaldomesticviolenceawareness”

How recovery affects women specifically? #NationalRecoveryMonth

In honor of National Recovery Month, SoulyHer has teamed up with a brave woman who wanted a platform to share her recovery story. This woman wanted to share her story to let people know that recovery is possible. SoulyHer welcomes and honors your vulnerability. How recovery affects women specifically? It is important to speak aboutContinue reading “How recovery affects women specifically? #NationalRecoveryMonth”