Explore Your Purpose

Find your Soul Purpose

Did you know whatever you decide to do as your soul purpose it must align with your values? If you’re feeling stuck at a job or in a career that doesn’t feed your soul, then you’re working against your values and not with them.

The work we do on a daily basis should be fulfilling in many ways, never perfect but it should ignite a part of you that feeds your soul.

Are you feeling lost career wise? purpose wise? and need some motivation or help in finding/exploring your soul purpose?

Work with Chelsea to find that spark again! It is still there you just need some fuel to add to that fire.

What is a Strategic Soul Purpose Coaching Call?

In 90 minutes you will be guided through a strategic coaching call to help you discover and find your soul purpose, one that aligns with your values and life goals!

This call will include:

  • A strategy planning document to plan, track, and achieve your goals
  • Soul work and exploration (a guided meditation, and reflective journaling)
  • One 20 minute anytime follow up call after your session
  • A special client discount for continued coaching sessions

Benefits of a Strategic Soul Purpose Coaching Call

  • Get clear on your values and your soul purpose
  • Learn ways to set intentional goals, plan, and achieve them all
  • Understand your limited beliefs and what is hold you back
  • Move forward with action steps and transform your life