Maggie Shea

Maggie Shea, is working mom/entrepreneur, she started a Staffing firm in 2015 with her Partner, Lauren Lewis, called StaffBuffalo, a 100% women-owned business located in Buffalo, NY.  They have a staff of 7 women, who are highly intuitive and excellent at their jobs.  She started her career in Public Accounting and is a CPA by trade, with her experience in this area she takes on the Accounting, Operations, and Technology, while her partner, Lauren takes on the the Sales and Marketing efforts for their firm.

Maggie describes her staffing firm as a matchmaking service, here is a snippet of what that looks like:

“We view the Staffing Industry as a matchmaking service, where we match companies (Clients) and employees (candidates).  In order to do so, we have to understand what each Company needs out of the new hires and we guide the Hiring Managers to help them create an ideal Candidate Profile that would fulfill their needs and round out their team.  We then work with the qualified candidates to see what makes them tick: what do they want to be when they grow up? What type of culture do they thrive in?  What commute, work-life balance, and salary would be ideal for their lifestyle?  Once we identify a match, we pitch the company and position to the candidate and pitch the candidate to the company.  We prepare the candidates for the interviews and we are the intermediaries for the negotiation process, to make sure that everything flows smoothly. ” – Maggie Shea

We are career coaches, assisting the clients and the candidates to help them identify what is the right long-term fit for their individual goals.  A well-matched placement will help the company thrive, while giving the candidate opportunities for success and career progression.  It is a wildly gratifying job that makes people happy every day!

Maggie Shea

While her firm strives to help each individual in a personalized approach, they may not be able to do this for all so they offer resources such as: Job Seeker Services (Resume Formatting Service, Interview Workshop, Networking Workshop, and Social Media Audit) and free Job Seeker Resources that may be useful to a job search.

Maggie stays connected to her soul by understanding the value of putting yourself in “someone else’s shoes” to try to understand where a person is coming from. By using this tactic she is able to diffuse difficult situations, increase positive communication, and result in a positive outcome. She says “It is important to choose to be positive, day in and day out, even when it is difficult. Your positivity will be contagious and your positivity will actually make your day get better and better, even when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed!”

Learn more about her staffing firm on social media as they are very active through many different channels always posting business tips and tricks.

LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and Instagram

If you live in the area, they also have their jobs posted on their websiteStaffBuffalo Jobs!

1 thought on “Maggie Shea”

  1. Good Afternoon,
    I am graduating this spring with my accounting degree. I love your story and the company’s focus, and drive. I would love to intern with your company for some experience also to see where I fit in the market. If I should continues my schooling or find a place I enjoy for my career future. please contact me at 7163812605(cell)
    if you need any entry level assistance this summer I’m open. thank you for your time


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