Meet Chelsea

I grew up in a fairly religious Puerto Rican household, with a mixture of lighting “la vela”,…

a twist of predicting “la malicia”, pregnancies, or deaths based on dream interpretations or “omens”, but also going to church every Sunday to cleanse our sins. Such a complex range of spirituality and religion in one, that it was hard to keep up sometimes. This definitely caused some confusion for me because none of these beliefs or practices were talked about. I was never told where they came from or why they were being done. The reality is that the women in my family are healers but struggled to embrace their most authentic self. This isn’t their fault but just the sad reality and truth that many women face.

I believe the first step to embrace and nurture your gifts is through the power of SELF-LOVE. In 2016, I had the urge and desire to break-free from everything I was told was bad, evil, or to never be explored…that was the start of my spiritual journey. I read a lot of books, articles, traveled to my island of Puerto Rico, and the world to expand my mind from everything I was taught. I wanted to learn about myself and all the things that made me feel magical. I discovered that I had not learned the most important thing, and that was love for myself and love for everything that made me the soul I am today.

I started SoulyHer, with the goal and hope to inspire the feminine soul to get in touch with their feminine energy, their stories, their souls, their desires, goals, and dreams; to break-free from all the things that they have only been taught, so they can make space to learn and grow. I remember during my journey, I learned a lot about myself but I also relearned new concepts and new ways to love and honor the being that I was. Along the way, I learned new practices, tools, and concepts that fueled my self-love journey and I knew I had to share! Doing this work alone and not having a space where I felt represented was the hardest for me, so I created the space, and that is SoulyHer.

Today, I teach what I learned as an Empowerment Coach and Motivational Speaker. I truly believe we were all created with purpose. What that may be? Who knows until you take the time to explore it and find out…I can help guide you to learn what that may be.

Thank you for being here and I hope we have the opportunity to work together, grow together, and heal together. I’d love to support you along the way! -Chelsea

I dedicate SoulyHer to every woman from my lineage that struggled to find their truth. I honor my ancestors by making sure I share and use all my gifts to heal, empower, and teach every woman to LOVE themselves so they can be FREE.