Meet Chelsea


As a young girl I always felt connected to something bigger than myself, a higher self. I knew I wasn’t just placed on this earth to be what anyone expected or wanted me to become because I knew there was more. I went through life always wondering what this connection meant and it took me many life struggles, experiences, failures, and a lot of seeking to finally find my truth.The truth is I have a gift, one that was hidden for a long time because I was afraid to be myself. I realized I have the ability to connect with people on a deeper-level because of my strong intuition, desire to inspire, and help others. I started this blog because I had something I needed to share with the world, especially women. It took me a long time to learn how to accept and love myself for who I was. If I didn’t take the time to discover myself and my connection to the world, I would still be lost and confused. Through my blog post, I hope to inspire women to get in touch with their feminine energy by loving themselves wholeheartedly and connecting with their soul.My self-love journey is ongoing and I hope to bring you along with me through, SoulyHer. This is just a small glimpse of my truth and story but you will learn more about me through my writing. Thank you for reading!