Self Love Simplified


Are you curious about self love?
Have you been wanting to seek deeper?
Do you need guidance/support during this new journey?

Self Love Simplified is for the everyday woman. The woman who is working, building a business, a mother, studying in school, and growing into herself more and more each day.
In this offering, you will have an individualized consultation with Chelsea and you’ll both create a specialized plan for your simplified self love journey.

The Commitment and ALL the extra details:

You will follow this for plan for 30 days with weekly check-ins with Chelsea.

The plan may include but keep in mind it is created unique to what works best for you.

-a morning/afternoon and night ritual

-new habits/rituals (can include full and new moon rituals)

-suggested herbs, foods, and mantras to work with

-guided meditation tools and guidance

-spiritual insight and resources

-weekly 30 minute check-ins with Chelsea

This service is intended to help you create a new pathway for your self-love journey. Sometimes we just need some extra support/guidance along the way!

If you are ready to explore yourself and dive deeper into this work, Book a FREE 30 minute call consultation with Chelsea, to make sure this will work for us both.

*Disclaimer: Chelsea is not a therapist or doctor and this service is to inspire and hold you accountable on your journey.