Self-Love Simplified Coaching


One-on-One Self-Love Coaching with Chelsea

Are you curious about self love?
Have you been wanting to connect with yourself deeper?
Do you need guidance/support during this new journey?

Self-Love Simplified is for the everyday woman.

Self-Love Simplified offers individualized self-love coaching for women seeking to explore their self love journey. You’ll be guided and mentored by Chelsea.

The Commitment and ALL the extra details:

You will work with Chelsea, with a deep focus on your present moment.

We will meet once a week for an hour, with different challenges/focuses each week.

Chelsea will help you navigate the important parts of your current focus, she will guide you, motivate you, and encourage you to show up for yourself.

Individual coaching may include but keep in mind it is created unique to what works best for you.

-a morning/afternoon and night ritual

-new habits/rituals (can include full and new moon rituals)

-suggested herbs, foods, and mantras to work with

-guided meditation tools and guidance

-spiritual insight and resources

-weekly 1 hour check-ins with Chelsea

This service is intended to help you create a new pathway for your self-love journey. Sometimes we just need some extra support/guidance along the way!

$$: Chelsea accepts and works with a sliding scale method.

If you are ready to explore yourself and dive deeper into this work, Book a FREE 30 minute call with Chelsea, to make sure this will work for us both.

*Disclaimer: Chelsea is not a therapist or doctor and this service is to inspire and hold you accountable on your journey. You should always consult with your primary care provider, or healthcare professional, if you have questions outside Chelsea’s expertise.